Somebody Already Got A Box Of Super Mario Odyssey Cereal

This story has gone from strength to strength. Earlier this week, Super Mario Odyssey cereal by Kelloggs started appearing in online American retailer databases.

It was originally reported by Cereal blogger ‘Cerealously‘ which it made it that little bit more hilarious, but I was still quite sceptical. The box showed us that it would bring Amiibo functionality, but didn’t say exactly what kind of functionality it would bring.

Well, a Reddit user has already got their hands on the box (which would signify it’s releasing fairly soon) and hilariously, you literally have to scan the box against a Joy-Con to use it. Many thought it would include a card or the like, but nope, get ready to scan that big old box.

Unfortunately it doesn’t unlock anything in-game yet, signifying that it probably needs an update to work. It does bring up the prompt about it being a delicious Amiibo though.

It’s unclear if this will make its way to Australia, but it’s fairly likely that it’ll at least be available in international retailers.