Mario Tennis Aces Release Date And Screenshots Leaked

It’s looking like the release date for Mario Tennis Aces has been leaked a day before release.

After it was put on Amazon a few weeks ago, Japanese retailer has leaked the box art, a release date of June 22nd as well as a bunch of new screenshots confirming Daisy, Yoshi and Bowser.

The description reads:

With “Mario Tennis” latest work, the tennis system is renewed!
A new shot that sets the aim and drives a ball to pinpoint
By adding various new elements such as “my home”, “accelerate” to catch up with the ball targeted far, ultimate blow “special shot”, deeper bargaining has come to be born

Also included is a “swing mode” where you shake joyikons to intuitively shoot various shots, a “story mode” for one person who can enjoy a different tennis like a challenge to a mission or a battle with a boss.

It corresponds to every play mode of Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy tennis with incandescence with anyone anywhere, anytime. If you connect to the Internet, not to mention local communication battle with the main body brought, you can also play against national friends and rivals