There’s A Mario Kart Themed Monopoly Coming Soon

Let’s face it, there’s a Monopoly for just about every niche and obscure interest out there so it was a no-brainer that, on the heels of Monopoly Gamer, Hasbro could go back to the drawing board and bring even more Nintendo properties into the mix.

And so, Mario Kart Monopoly was born.

It’s a bit of a bizarre take but given Mario Kart’s immense popularity, it’d be no surprise if it takes off and sells like hotcakes.

This particular edition is set to include iconic franchise properties like Rainbow Road and Bowser’s Castle and will let you choose from four players when the game launches. Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad are available from day one while players will be expected to purchase a “Power Pack” add-on to add Bowser, Rosalina, Shy Guy, Metal Mario, Donkey Kong and Yoshi as playable avatars.

Players will be able to use in-game items such as banana peels and coloured shells during play, adding a little bit of Mario Kart spice to the mix. There’s even a tacked on racing element where, according to Hasbro, when a player passes “Go,” a race is triggered as players race around the board for a Grand Prix card.

It’s sold through Gamestop overseas, so expect it to crop up on EB’s website soon enough for local pricing.