A Star Fox Racing Game Is Apparently Being Developed By Retro Studios

The rumour mill is going off right now and none is stronger than this one.

A brand new E3 rumour (which multiple sources are corroborating suggests) that Retro Studios (developer behind Donkey Kong Country and Metroid Prime) is working on a Star Fox racing game called Star Fox: Grand Prix.

Star Fox: Grand Prix is said to be similar to that of Diddy Kong Racing in the sense that it’ll have both a story mode and boss battles.

It’s an interesting one for sure. Nintendo fans have been awaiting Retro Studios next major game for years, especially after they were confirmed not to be developing Metroid Prime 4. There’s also whispers that a much larger project that Retro were working on had been cancelled.

If this is to be true, it’s likely that we’ll see it announced at E3. It’s unclear whether it’d be released later this year or next.

Thanks, Eurogamer. 

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