EB Games Has Trade In Deals For Pokemon Let’s GO And Pokeball Plus

It was only announced a few hours ago, but EB Games Australia has already unleashed two trade in deals for those wanting to get their copy of Let’s GO Pokemon Pikachu/Eevee as well as Pokeball Plus preordered.

You can trade in ANY Nintendo Switch game to get either copy of the game for $49.95 whilst you can get the Pokeball Plus for $39.95 when trading in any Switch game. The game you’re trading needs to have a trade value of $10 or more.

Whilst this isn’t the best of deals, it’s not bad if there’s a particular game that you’re finished playing on Switch. Switch games have also begun coming down in price quite rapidly.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a bundle for those looking to get both items.

Let’s GO Pokemon Pikachu and Eevee Editions release on Nintendo Switch on November 16th.