Yoshi For Nintendo Switch Is Now Coming Out In 2019

Metroid wasn’t the only notable absentee from Nintendo’s Direct at this year’s E3 event, a lot of gamers were quick to note that Yoshi was missing in action during the Super Smash Bros intensive stream. The company has quickly shifted into action, confirming the game’s unfortunate delay into next year.

Yoshi’s listing on the official website for Nintendo was amended to confirm that its expected release is now 2019, as opposed to the original slate of later this year.

Nintendo America’s director of product marketing, Bill Trinen also noted in an interview with Kotaku that though we won’t see the game this year, there’ll be plenty of updates on the game coming “later this year”. And of course, Yoshi will still feature in both Mario Tennis Aces and Super Smash Bros Ultimate for those still seeking their fix.

Relive a bit of happiness with the original reveal trailer for Yoshi from last year’s conference.