Super Mario Party’s Online Mode Sounds Really Good

It’s been 20 years in the making.

Fans have longed for Mario Party to have an online mode and Nintendo has finally brought it to the table with Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party is in many ways the rebirth of one of Nintendo’s best franchises, and the online portion actually sounds great.

It’s called Online Mariothon and will allow us to play five mini games online with someone from our friends list or around the world. According to the official site, it’ll even have leaderboards, rankings and rewards.

Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to play the board game portion online, which actually makes a lot of sense as it’s lengthy and if someone dropped out, it’d be pretty hard to replace them.

Overall, the mini games in Super Mario Party look pretty damn great as well, with a lot of them looking like fresh takes on some of our favourites.

Super Mario Party is out on Nintendo Switch on October 5th and it’s definitely going to be one that we’ll play with mates on the couch (or online with friends around the world).