Super Mario 3D All Stars

Some New Mario 64, Mario Sunshine And Mario Galaxy Nintendo Switch Gameplay Footage Has Appeared

Nintendo has now dropped a decent amount of gameplay footage from the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Over the last few days, they’ve dropped several clips from Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy onto Twitter.

We get to see the improved graphics for all three games, but interestingly enough, we get to see more of the Joy-Con motion control support for Super Mario Galaxy and we also get to see the entire opening cutscene for Super Mario Sunshine, which looks a lot better than it did on the Gamecube.


Just as a reminder, Super Mario 64 will run at 720p docked/undocked whilst Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy will run at 720p in handheld mode and 1080p in docked mode. The collection releases on September 18th and will be available until the end of March 2021. 


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