The Breath Of The Wild Expansion Pass Is On Sale If You Need More Zelda In Your Life

If you’ve recently picked up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or picked it up at launch but haven’t played through the DLC, it’s currently 30% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop bringing it down to $21. This hasn’t been on sale all that often and is definitely worth it at the current asking price.

The first DLC pack in the expansion pass brings the Trial of the Sword challenge, a map that shows where Link has walked through the last 200 hours of gameplay and a Master Mode.

The second pack is much more significant. It rings a new dungeon, including a deadly new weapon as well as a Master Cycle, which is literally a motorbike that allows you to zip around Hyrule. There’s also other missions, shrines and armour to collect.

It’s definitely a nice way to tide over until Breath of the Wild 2 hits (hopefully later this year).

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