Skyward Sword

A Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Has Been Announced And Brings A Fairly Big Improvement To The Game

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is set to launch on July 16th. Nintendo has today announced the Zelda & Loftwing Amiibo which is set to launch on the same day. Weirdly enough though, a fairly big quality of life improvement seems like it’ll be locked behind the Amiibo.

Obviously, Skyward Sword takes place both in the air and on the ground. You’re able to travel to the surface from the sky in specific parts of the game, where the Amiibo will allow you to go right back to where you were in the sky from any point just by using the Amiibo. You can then use the Amiibo again in the sky to return to where you were on the surface. This will even work in dungeons and within buildings in the sky.

It’s a fairly big improvement  on how it was handled in the original game, so it’s a bit of an odd one to lock behind the use of an Amiibo.

Skyward Sword HD releases on July 16th. Currently, Amazon has the best price at $68. You can also grab a Joy-Con pair which releases on the same day for $119.