FILMECHANISM Is A Brain-Bending Indie Puzzler That Just Surprise Released On Switch And PC

Earlier in the week Nintendo ran one of its beloved Indie World streams, giving the world a glimpse into some fantastic-looking upcoming indie releases for the Switch. You can read our round-up of everything shown off right here.

While the showcase was great, what we didn’t know at the time is that it was missing something! Over on the Japanese version of the stream, audiences were treated to an extra trailer that wasn’t shown elsewhere, for a game titled FILMECHANISM.

The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to catch up on what FILMECHANISM is about because… it’s out right now across the globe! Available on both the Switch and PC via Steam, FILMECHANISM is a “record and restore” puzzle platformer starring a camera humanoid named Rec with the ability to save snapshots of objects in the world and restore their original positions after manipulating them. With a gorgeous, retro-pixel art style and over 200 fiendish puzzles it’s sure to be an instant indie hit.

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You can purchase and play FILMECHANISM right now through the Nintendo Switch eShop or via the Steam Store on PC.

Check out the game’s (Japanese) trailer below: