Devolver Digital’s ‘Physical Only’ Game Demon Throttle Is Once Again Up For Pre-Order

Demon Throttle, which was originally revealed at last year’s Devolver Digital showcase at E3 2021, is once again available for a limited pre-order, giving would-be players a second chance to pick up the peculiar ‘physical only’ title.

To celebrate PAX East, the game is up for pre-order once again, along with a few pieces of art related to the game, at Special Reserve Games. It’s available between April 18-25 only.

Unlike just about every other game releasing these days, Demon Throttle won’t be available digitally ever, a fact that featured heavily in the game’s reveal. The game is a retro-inspired shmup that looks to really capture the aesthetic of yesteryear.

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There’s no current confirmation of when the game will ship specifically, but it is expected to ship in 2022.