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Nintendo Switch Sports Is Recreating Its Predecessors’ Most Popular Feature By Breaking A Bunch Of TVs

It was bound to happen. Players the world over have begun flinging controllers at their expensive electronics like it’s 2006 all over again and it’s all because of Nintendo Switch Sports.

Like the Wii Sports titles and Wiimote controllers before it, reports are already flooding in of Switch Sports causing people to chuck their Joy-Cons at their TVs and monitors in the heat of the moment. Unlike 16 years ago though, we have the magic of video game streaming to help us capture and immortalise even more of these moments.

For instance, here’s a video of streamer “63man” absolutely brutalising his monitor during a game of Tennis that was immediately captured by his viewers. Fair warning – tech enthusiasts might find it disturbing:

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Since this incident more and more stories of similar accidents have surfaced, so it seems like the phenomenon we all once thought was over (or at least relegated to the world of VR headsets) is back in full *ahem* swing.

The Japanese Nintendo Twitter account has even gone as far as to reiterate the safety message that plays in-game warning players about properly using and fastening the Joy-Con straps and allowing plenty of play space.