Mario’s New Voice Actor Has Been Officially Confirmed

No more Wondering!

Update: After self-proclaimed dataminers and internet sleuths got so close to the truth, it’s finally been confirmed by the actor themselves – Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder are being played by Kevin Afghani.

Afghani confirmed the news himself in a very simple tweet, saying “Incredibly proud to have voice Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Thanks to Nintendo for inviting me into the Flower Kingdom!”

Afghani’s credits aren’t hugely long, but the actor is known for performances in Dragon Ball R&R and Genshin Impact, among others.

After Charles Martinet officially stepped away from his decades-long stint as the iconic voice of Mario a couple of months ago, fans of the moustachioed hero have been eager to know who would be bold enough to step into the role, and with Super Mario Bros. Wonder around the corner (read our extensive hands-on preview here) and demos being installed to in-store kiosks in the US we might be that much closer to an answer.

Proving that there’s no end to the ingenuity of gamers in doing things they absolutely shouldn’t, someone has already managed to get their hands on the retailer kiosk demo for Super Mario Bros. Wonder and not only play it but modify it to access a treasure trove of files and content that weren’t meant to be seen.

After said contents were shared on message boards, internet sleuths were quick to start piecing together a list of voice actors contained within. While just a list of names with no attachment to which characters each person is playing, the process of elimination and no small amount of guesswork was used to put together a potential and incomplete breakdown of who’s who:

What this has told us, as far as those trying to uncover the truth believe, is that Nintendo has hired a group of voice actors it’s worked with in the past on games like Fire Emblem to replace numerous main roles including Mario and Luigi, of course, but also Daisy and Yoshi.

It’s been theorised that Mario and Luigi’s new voice actor is Mick Wingert, but this was quickly debunked by IGN, who reached out to Mick Wingert’s talent agent, the actor has confirmed he is not the new voice of Mario but has also said he “can neither confirm nor deny his involvement in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.”

We’ll find out soon enough when Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases on October 20th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Amazon has pre-orders of the game for $69 with free shipping.