Olympic Fever Is Hitting Overwatch

Blizzard have revealed that Overwatch is receiving an update to celebrate the Summer Olympic Games.

Lucioball is the biggest addition with the brawl being a futuristic spin on soccer. Llacing you in a 3v3 match, you’ll be able to punch, glide, block bounce in order to be victorious. Each game lasts four minutes and the team that scores the most goals in that time wins. SummerGames2016-LucioBall-Ulti-Animated_OW_JP_350x350.gifStarting today, any new Loot Boxes you earn or purchase will have an updated sporting look. Not only is the packaging of the crates different, you’ll be able to get custom themed sprays, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros and skins. You’ll only have until August 22nd to get these customisations.