Amazon Studios Announces Three Twitch Friendly Games

Earlier in the week we reported on the launch of Twitch Prime. Since then Amazon Game Studios has announced three distinct new games with integrated Twitch features. Watch the full unboxing event and reveal here:

If you don’t have an hour to spend on the unboxing event, here’s a brief breakdown of Amazon Studio’s upcoming games:

Breakaway is a 4 v 4 sports brawler based on mythology and designed for live-streaming. Players can assemble their team from a roster of several distinct legendary warriors and fight for dominance across various maps. 

New World is an open-ended sandbox MMORPG that encompasses the supernatural and allows players to determine their own path by working with or against other players in a dynamic but hostile environment.

Crucible is a third-person shooter in which players fight for survival in an alien world. Customise your own heroes, make alliances and betray your peers for the opportunity to seize victory in an unforgiving and unique style of battle. 

Twitch integration will allow broadcasters to customise their streams and interact with viewers in a new way by leading in-game events, achievements and rewards with the intention of making Amazon Studios’ games as fun to watch as they are to play.

Each of these titles is available for digital pre-order via Amazon but a release date has not yet been set. I’m looking forward to seeing how Twitch integration impacts the course of game development in the future and whether it becomes standard procedure in the industry. Only time will tell but it seems as if Amazon Studios has a solid and varied upcoming lineup and I hope to see some of these games broadcasted by my favourite channels.

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