Steam Games Are About To Get More Expensive In Australia

Kotaku AU is reporting that Steam has apparently sent an email to developers informing them that they’ll be adding 10% GST to all purchases made in Australia.

One would assume that this means that this 10% tax is about to be added to the price of all games on Steam in Australia.

It’s already been confirmed that in March, Steam will be adding sales tax to a number of countries around the world so it’s inevitable that Australia will be added to this list.

Kotaku AU is also reporting that the below email was sent to Australia developers.

“The VAT tax amount will be included in the advertised price of your product, just like VAT is currently treated in the EU. This means the customer will pay the price displayed on the storefront, and the tax will be separated out afterwards.

It is possible that publishers will adjust Steam pricing to match retail pricing of PC games, but unlikely. The end result of this move: Australians will almost certainly be paying more for video games on Steam, 10% more.”

Thanks, Kotaku. 

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