Overwatch Will Soon Let You Report Bad Teammates

Fenix Bazaar is reporting that Blizzard is is currently testing a brand new report system in Overwatch. This new report system will allow Overwatch players to report people for brand new categories

Blizzard hopes that these new categories will limit toxicity and stop people from false reporting.

The best new category that you’ll be able to report under is definitely the “Poor Teamwork” one. One of the main reasons I stopped playing Overwatch was due to the fact that I had to rely so much on other players, who just had no desire to complete the objective.

The new categories include:

  • Poor Teamwork: This is to be used purely for times when other players don’t complete map objectives or communicate in a purely negative way
  • Cheating: This is for people who use a third-party program. Quite simple.
  • Bad Battletag: Useful for gamers who have an inappropriate or offensive battle tag.
  • Spam: For those who overuse words that would clog up communcation.
  • Inactivity: Players that stand idle in a game.
  • Griefing: Players who are harassing members of a team or disrupting a team.
  • Abusive Chat: Self explanatory. For those who are abusing to other players in chat.

Thanks, Fenix Bazaar.

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