Australia Might Be Getting A Modified Version Of Outlast 2

After our earlier report of the original (unedited) version of Outlast 2 being released in Australia, it now appears that the Classification Board has revealed (via Kotaku Australia) that it is in-fact a modified version.

The game was originally banned for a scene that contained implied sexual violence.

Honestly, I’m a little bit confused about what exactly has been modified as we had confirmed with Red Barrel’s PR representative that the scene in question was included in the Australian version of the game and that one version would be released worldwide.

This either means that this statement was not true – that the version being released worldwide has been modified – but that would contradict their statement about the scene being included in the game. It’s also quite possible that the “modification” could relate to something more systematic (i.e paperwork etc).

We’ve reached out once again to both Red Barrels and the local distributor (18point2) to find out exactly what is going on. It’s unclear if the game has actually being modified or this is simply a serious case of miscommunication.