You Can Play Rocket League for Free This Weekend

Rocket League is one of the most highly decorated sports games of all time and if you still haven’t joined the 25 million registered players, now is your chance! As of now, Rocket League will be free-to-play on Steam for the next two days.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rocket League phenomenon, it is a physics-based multiplayer-focused action sports game described as “soccer but with rocket-powered cars”. This futuristic hit from Psyonix can host up to 8 players online in a range of different but equally as exciting configurations and modes and up to 4 players in its split-screen mode. The game is free on Steam this weekend but offers competitive cross-platform with the PlayStation 4.

Rocket League is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in both digital and physical editions. If you hop on for free this weekend and plan to stick around, the full game, including the game of the year edition and 4-pack, will be discounted by 30%until May 9th.