Secret Dialogue Hints at a Possible New Overwatch Event

Dataminers have been digging through Overwatch once again and have turned up something pretty interesting. Sound files posted on Reddit via user Deadgirlgaming, reveal hidden character dialogue focused on either moving the “objective” to a destination or destroying/killing it. The original author posted over 10 new voice lines stating that there were more to come and that each hero has a line for “destroy the object”, “it’s almost destroyed” (good and bad), “escort the objective” and “I’m over here”.

It is likely that these voice lines were added as part of the recent Uprising patch but have only surfaced just now due to tough encryption.

Overwatch originally launched on May 24, 2016, and as we’re drawing nearer to the best-selling game’s first anniversary, we hope can expect some sort of exciting event to follow in typical Overwatch fashion.