World of Warships Is Getting A Bunch Of Epic New Ships

At a press event in Tokyo, Wargaming recently announced some exciting new additions to their ever popular naval combat game, World of Warships. Publishing Producer, Hisahi Yaginuma, presented two exciting elements that will be getting introduced to the franchise – a new commander and an ocean’s worth of new ships!

Players will be able to acquire the unique naval commander, Yamamoto, well-known in history for commanding the First Fleet in 1938 and Combined Fleet in 1939, as well as incorporating carrier tactics into the plan to attack Pearl Harbour. You’ll also be able to unlock specialised items for Yamamoto by completing certain missions (unlockable at level 9). The items are historically accurate and include such belongs of Yamamoto’s as, service medals, his famous katana, war diary photos and more. Hisahi also hinted towards the next commander, after Yamamoto, to possibly being an American favourite…but he would not say anything more – “I’ve said too much!”

Wargaming is also set to release a plethora of new warships to the game – British Battleships and Pan Asia Destroyers (screenshots below). Each warship is built to scale, which is quite an impressive feat considering the sheer detail that each warship possesses. Hisahi mentioned to the us that one of the things he’s most proud of is the accuracy of those ships and the work that goes into them – the process takes about a year and a half to complete! The team also spends that time tweaking each ship to make sure it’s not only historically accurate, but that it also works effectively in a game environment – such as extra torpedo tubes or armament, or even removing certain features, as Hisahi pointed out. Wargaming takes the creation of the warships quite seriously with dedicated research teams collecting as much historical information as possible, including the actual battleship schematics, to bring the true testament of war to the game.

Needless to say, viewing the Pan Asia Destroyer screenshots below, you can not help but give the Wargaming and World of Warships team a round of applause. Those ships are impressive!