Destiny 2’s Year 2 Reveal Is Happening Next Week

Bungie has set a date and time for the ‘Year 2’ reveal for Destiny 2. Their tweet has stated June 5, 9:00 am Pacific. For us in the AEST time zone, it’s going to be happening on June 6 at the ripe time of 2:00 am.

The game has lost a large chunk of its player base since its release back in September, but it hasn’t stopped Bungie from trying to implement a number of quality of life changes to the game in its most recent two updates. The most recent, Warmind, did a lot of great things to make the core grind and gameplay loop fun again.

It was the ‘Year 2’ reveal for the original Destiny that went on to become The Taken King, which is still today regarded as one of the best updates Bungie has ever produced. So hopefully whatever their main team has been working on is similar in quality to that, as that’d be sure to draw players back.

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