Destiny 2’s September Expansion Is Forsaken

As expected, Bungie revealed their next big expansion of the Destiny universe during a stream overnight. The expansion, which is being considered as ‘The Taken King of Destiny 2’, is called Forsaken and it is bringing a whole lot of interesting changes with it.

The expansion sees us return to the Reef, a lawless part of space situated within the asteroid belt. The story is said to tap into a “Western revenge vibe” and sees us buddy up with Nathan Fillion’s beloved Cayde-6 character, who has had little screentime since Destiny 2 launched last year.

The new in-game locations are beautiful as Bungie have done well to capitalise on the Awoken homeland. Both the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City, where the expansion’s new raid will be held, are picturesque to say the very least.

Bungie has also developed a brand new PVE/PVP mode for Forsaken. The mode, called Gambit, pits two teams, housed in separate arenas, against one another in a score attack type mode. The idea is to collect motes, summon a big bad and take them out. Of course, you’re able to stymy the progress of your opposition and, in some circumstances, invade their arena to take them out personally. It looks like a fun twist on the traditional modes Destiny has always had, plus it’s an interesting way to get traditional PVE players across to the competitive modes.

Of course, there are new supers also which are explained in the ViDoc. As a Warlock main, the highlight for me was seeing the teleporting Void class which, as they note in the reveal, almost looks like it’s stripped from an anime. There are a lot of small changes that are sure to entice jaded former players. Random weapon rolls are back, they’ve opened up the weapon slot system entirely and there is a heap of record books you can try to complete to fill in your spare time while waiting for your squad.

All in all, things are starting to look up for Destiny 2 which has suffered from a lot of negative press of late.

Forsaken lands on September 4 and is available for pre-order now. There’s a vanilla version and there’s an edition that includes the Annual Pass, which appears to include the game’s premium content releases into 2019.

Plus, here’s the game’s developmental roadmap as put out by Bungie.