‘Ruck Me’ Is An AFL Game Unlike Any Other

Robert Yang is a game designer from New York who has been responsible for some crazy games in his time. These include games that are based around scrubbing naked men in the shower as well as having sex with your car, but none is crazier than this.

As spotted by Kotaku, Yang’s next game is literally an erotic game about Australian Rules Football players. His description is “so I’m working on this erotic Australian football game and I’m having trouble finding suggestive video footage of sweaty burly Aussie footy jocks leering at each other”.

In case you need any more convincing, the game’s working title is “Ruck Me”.

Whilst I’m fairly sure that most Australian men probably wouldn’t be interested in this kind of thing, Yang’s games are usually more suggestive than anything, and quite frankly they’re works of art, so it’s pretty damn cool to see him using something that everyday Australians know and love as his subject.

Thanks, Kotaku.