The Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Is Launching Next Week

The Magic: The Gathering Arena beta has up until now, been an ‘invitation only’ deal, but will soon be open to all players. An open beta for the free-to-play digital strategy card game will begin September 28 at 6:00 AM AEST.

The open beta adds a few new features to the still-in-development game, including new music, art, battlefields, a new game mode (Sealed Events) and the new Guilds of Ravnica card set.

Most notably, the beta will allow those that purchase physical Magic: The Gathering cards from the new upcoming Guilds of Ravnica range to redeem codes to use their cards in the game. These include the Every Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker deck, whilst every prerelease pack will contain a code to unlock entry to 1 sealed event and boosters grant you the opportunity to try and unlock 3 free boosters in the game.

The beta will begin 6:00 AM AEST next Friday, but you can pre-load it on your PC by heading over to the game’s website.