The First Valorant Trailer Has Arrived

Earlier today we reported on the leak of a handful of screenshots from the upcoming tactical shooter from Riot Games, Valorant. Now, we can officially confirm, following a release from Riot Games that Valorant is indeed the title for the previously code-named release known as Project A and share a gorgeous new gameplay trailer that you can watch below:

Arguably the most exciting announcement from the release is an official window for Valorant’s first testing phase scheduled for Summer 2020. You can follow the official Valorant Twitter account here and their Instagram account here.

As previously reported, Valorant is a round-based tactical 5-v-5 shooter and Riot Games’ first venture outside of the League of Legends universe. According to early access players, the game is most easily compared to Counter Strike: Global Source, with elements from hero/class shooters such as Overwatch and Apex Legends.