SteelSeries Cyberpunk

The SteelSeries Cyberpunk 2077 Headset Collection Sure Is Nice

Following the news of a Limited Edition Xbox One X and controller, SteelSeries has announced Cyberpunk 2077 headset collection.

There will be two Cyberpunk inspired Arctis 1 headsets. One specifically for Xbox One that is based on Johnny Silverhand and an incredibly sexy Netrunner Edition of the Arctis 1 headset which has the iconic yellow Cyberpunk colouring (even on the boom mic). The Arctis 1 is a great little headset which can work wirelessly with the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

For owners of the high-end Arctis Pro and Arctis Pro Wireless headets, there’s three different mod booster packs. Each includes headset bands and two speaker caps. Each mod pack is based on a Cyberpunk 2077 faction, so you’ve got the Kang-Tao pack (orange), Militech pack (army green) and Arasaka corporation pack (navy blue).

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Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that these will make their way over to Australia, which is a shame as they’re damn nice. You can find out more information about the collection HERE.