Valorant Is Out Now In Australia And You Can Grab It For Free

Riot Games’ latest game Valorant is out right now for Australians.

It’s a 5 v 5 tactical shooter and incorporates elements from games such as Counter Strike: Global Source, Overwatch and Apex Legends. The game is free to play and will set you back about 14gb on PC. You can download it right HERE. 

Those that are in Europe and North America will have to wait quite a bit longer to download the game, with it not going live for another 12  hours or so.

In terms of minimum specs, the game has been created so that it can run on a wide variety of PCs:

  • Memory:4 GB
  • Graphics Card:Intel HD 3000
  • CPU:Intel Core i3-370M
  • Valorant File Size:100 GB
  • OS:Windows 7

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