Little Reaper Is A Melbourne Developed Game Where You Play As Death’s Assistant

Little Reaper is a self-published platforming game that has been in development since 2014 by a small Melbourne-based indie outfit called Little Reaper Games and it’s set for release on Steam on July 20.

In this colourful platformer, you play as Ollie, the Grim Reaper’s hapless assistant. After accidentally breaking a jar of souls in Death’s manor, his only goal is to reclaim them, set everything right, and save his job. It looks to do some clever things with its platforming mechanics to help it stand out, such as being able to lob your scythe through the air and transport to its position. It’s a small touch but it adds a layer to proceedings.

Anybody who has frequented PAX Australia is bound to recognise this cloaked cutie, as the team has been a mainstay of the indie hall for a number of years dating back to when the game was originally known as Grim Balance.

The team has been inspired by many contemporaries throughout development, including Hollow Knight and Ducktales.

The game is going to launch for AUD$22.95. According to the game’s pre-order page on Steam, its features include a lot of collectibles for the “ambitious adventurer”, an original soundtrack and four adventure-full levels and just as many boss fights.