RTX 3090
Twitter: @Shen

Of Course There’s An Image Comparing The RTX 3090 Size To The Xbox Series X & PS5

2020 really is the battle of the beastly hardware units. Nvidia revealed the RTX 3090, as well as the 3080/3070 overnight, and whilst the 3080/3070 are really well priced for their power, of course everyone is talking about the 3090, which is an absolute beast both in the performance and size category.

Twitter user Shen has created an image comparing the size of the 3090 with the Xbox Series X and PS5, and believe it or not, the 3090 is actually taller than the Xbox Series X. It looks as though the PS5 still can’t be matched for size though, towering over the rest.

In all seriousness, what an exciting time to be a gamer. We have three pieces of hardware that are completely set to change the way we game and are all releasing over the next three months.

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