Death Stranding Director’s Cut Is Coming To PC With New Intel-Exclusive Features

Publisher 505 Games has announced at CES 2022 that the Director’s Cut version of Death Stranding would be making its way to PC, and along with it some new and exclusive features that take advantage of Intel technology.

Launching in the US Spring (roughly Q2) of this year on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will feature Intel Xe Super Sampling technology, which is an AI-based upscaling technology not unlike NVIDIA’s DLSS coming to Intel Arc GPUs.

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Death Stranding on PC already supports high frame rates, ultrawide resolutions, a photo mode and crossover content from both Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077. The Director’s Cut released on PS5 last year and included new items and abilities, improved gameplay features and even the ability to build a fully-functioning race track.

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