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The Day Before Has Dropped A New RTX-Powered Gameplay Trailer Alongside A Bizarre Studio Promo

Any volunteers?

Two bits of news here, one a touch more confusing than the other.

First up, NVIDIA premiered a tasty-looking new trailer for upcoming open-world survival MMO, The Day Before, as part of its CES 2023 address – showing off the game’s RTX and DLSS 3-powered visuals.

It’s still really difficult to gauge at this point whether the game (which is set to launch on March 1st on PC) will wind up being anything more than a bog standard online-enabled shooter, but it definitely looks nice. Check out the video below:

The Day Before has seemingly had a bit of tumultuous development period, having been delayed no less than a year ago to switch engines to Unreal Engine 5, and making a bit of noise last year when its developer Fntastic advertised that it was looking for “volunteers” to help make the game.

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Which brings us to the second bit of The Day Before news, and that’s this patently bizarre promo video for the studio that was also released this morning, titled “Life at Fntastic.”

The video, which has little to do with the game itself, introduces Fntastic’s co-founders and a few of its other employees and “volunteers”, showing them in their out-of-work activities like eating lunch and being evicted as well as seemingly plugging the company’s workspace app, Continent.

You can watch it below, if you want: