Possible Red Dead Redemption Remaster (Or Sequel) Screenshot Has Leaked

In the most believable leak to date, a Redditor has managed to find a screenshot from what appears to be either a Red Dead Redemption Remastered (or sequel). The image was found on a Rockstar employee’s portfolio page along with other artwork that he has previously created for the company.


This is where things get a little murky. The artwork is originally dated from July 2015. The screenshot looks remardkedly better than the original Red Dead Redemption, but probably not good enough to be from a sequel. The issue is that the location doesn’t immediately resonate with any location from the first game.

In April, the map for the inevitable Red Dead Redemption sequel leaked. One Redditor had the below theory that actually made sense in terms of location of this cabin.

“Judging by the postion of the cabin and the views we can see around it, using the Leaked map, it seems like this could be near the Painted Sky location, north of the Great Plains. Now with the cabin picture, if you look to the right of the cabin it looks like the river around Painted Sky, and beyond that the Heartlands and Scarlett meadows locations. If you look to the left you will see the immediate river north of the cabin and beyond that, Mountains, possibly the Grizzlies on the leaked map.”

Source: Reddit