Patent Suggests New DualShock 4 Could Have More Buttons

With Microsoft constantly improving the Xbox One controller and Nintendo constantly changing their controllers, the DualShock has largely stayed the same since it’s conception. That’s about to change if this new patent submitted by Sony is to be believed.

This newly patented DualShock 4 controller has two new buttons, which are both on the grips of the controller. The Start and Share buttons have also been moved to new spots below the d-pad on the left and primary buttons on the right.

This could be for two reasons. It’s incredibly common to touch the Start/Share buttons whilst playing, and it’s possible that Sony would want to expand the touchpad to better integrate with VR.

It’s completely possible that this con troller will never see the light of day, but with Sony putting a lot of their focus on VR, and the solid speculation that they’ll be releasing a new console later this year, it’s completely possible that we’ll see a redesigned controller.



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