Batman VR Rated in Australia, Exposes New VR Descriptor

The Australian Classification Board have just rated Batman Arkham VR which means that it’ll almost certainly be a launch title for PlayStation VR. More interestingly though, Batman Arkham VR’s classification introduces a new VR Descriptor which is labelled as ‘VR Interactivity’. Without doubt, this will have an impact on future ratings of games.

For instance, a game that may have been M/MA 15+ without VR, may now be classified with an R rating or refused classification all together just for a small VR component. This is due to the fact that the VR experience may deem the game to be more realistic.

It appears that the Australian Classification Board are already onto this, which at least hopefully means that we’ll see some consistency in how VR games are rated. There’s actually a Twitter account in which you can follow to get all the latest Australian gaming classifications.

You can see the rating for yourself HERE. PlayStation VR will launch on October 13th in Australia. It’s likely that we’ll see Batman VR on the same day.

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