This Is How To Make Easy Money/Units In No Man’s Sky

The release of every big game usually sees a bunch of video guys hitting the internet on launch day, but this isn’t entirely possible with No Man’s Sky due to the fact that everyone has a different experience.

Whilst this makes it harder to make guides for No Man’s Sky, YouTuber ‘Arekkz’ has gone through his process of being able to make easy money (or units) in No Man’s Sky.

The trick is to scour the world of No Man’s Sky for planets with resources that yield trade commodities. The way to do this successfully centres around No Man’s Sky’s space police (The Sentinels). Once you hit the jackpot, the Sentinels will rush you.

Further to this, some people have been naming planets based on their resource capacity. For instance, people have been discovering planets called “EasyFarm” which is obviously a good sign.

Watch the tutorial below to see what we’re talking about. Happy hunting.