PS4’s 2-Step Verification Reportedly Coming To Australia First

UPDATE: Following yesterday’s report that 2-step verification would be rolling out to Australia first, users are now receiving the option to add their phone number into the PlayStation system to activate that 2-step verification process.

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According to a Sony support worker, Australia and New Zealand will finally be getting 2-step verification on PS4 later tonight or tomorrow morning, with the plan to roll it out to other regions next week.

2-step verification has been spoken about for a long while by PlayStation. It is much needed as PSN accounts are a well-known target for hackers.

It will essentially work as an SMS service. You will need to put your mobile number on your account and any new login will require a code that will be SMS’d to the number on the account.

Anything that isn’t a PS4 will work a little bit differently. PS3/Vita will use a “Device Code” which will be an additional password that you can have for the account in addition to your actual password.

Lets hope that it is finally rolling out in the near future, as account hacking has become a real issue on PS4.

Source: Reddit

  1. It’s not hacking when people are game sharing or have the easiest passwords on the planet that’s just called stupidity

  2. account hacking has NOT become a “real issue” on psn. I’ve owned every playstion and have never been hacked once.

    1. Well there’s the reality of the issue and then there’s the hyperbolic BS that the xbox fanboys running their smear campaign would like everyone to believe.

      1. not sure what you mean? I think it’s unnecessary extra security -and the name of the company has nothing to do with my opinion. you need to try harder if you’re going to post troll comments.

    2. Sh!t I guess you’re right, there’s only one other person besides you in the entire world so what’s the chances of it happening to them

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