Here’s The First Look At Watch Dogs 2’s Insane Multiplayer Modes

Similar to the original game, Watch Dogs 2 will blend multiplayer into single player to create organic opportunities for both co-op and PvP. Multiplayer is also highly customisable; not only can you turn it on or off entirely, or decide which modes you’re open to individually.

Bounty Mode: Bounty puts a new wrinkle in Watch Dogs 2’s police heat system; cause enough chaos, and suddenly it won’t just be the cops breathing down your neck. Your police chase might spill over into a rival player’s game, giving them the opportunity to join in as a hunter. The longer you go without getting caught, the more hunters can join, with up to three on your tail at a time.

Hacking Invasion: Returns from the first Watch Dogs with a few key tweaks. As before, Hacking Invasion is a furtive cat-and-mouse game where one player tries to stay hidden and alive long enough to successfully hack the player whose game they’re invading. In the name of balance, the download now begins as soon as the invader initiates the hack, eliminating a delay from the first game that could be used to find a convenient camping spot. Actually, camping in general is discouraged, as the other player’s drones give them an eye in the sky they can use to uncover and bomb your hiding spot.

Watch Dogs 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 15th.