PS4 Slim Photos Confirmed As Real Alongside Updated DualShock 4

Yesterday we reported that a Twitter user had found a listing for a ‘PS4 Slim’ on Gumtree that he purchased and uploaded photos of. Whilst everyone was sceptical, popular gaming website Eurogamer has visited the gamer’s house and confirmed that the console, packing and an updated DualShock is real, powers on and perfectly runs games. They also uploaded a video which has been removed at their lawyers request.

The user also uploaded a video of the included DualShock 4 which has has a LED light strip on the touchpad. It is unclear what purpose this serves. It is also unclear if there are any other minor updates on the DualShock 4.

I believe that Sony announcing the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo together is the perfect sell for their Holiday campaign. You can read about that HERE. 

It’s expected that Sony will announce the PS4 Slim on September 7th. It’s expected to release later that month.