Here’s The Australian Pricing For The New PlayStation Camera, DualShock 4, Platinum Headset & Stand

Sony quietly announced four new peripherals at this morning’s PlayStation meeting to coincide with the release of the new PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro. You can find local pricing and release dates below.

New PlayStation Camera

Release Date: September 16th
Price: $89.95

The redesigned PlayStation Camera inherits all the features available on the current model, including PlayStation VR support, and features a new compact cylindrical form.  PS Camera includes a stand allowing users to easily adjust the angle of the PS Camera and set it up in their preferred location, such as on top of their TV or entertainment centre.


Platinum Wireless Headset

Release Date: December
Price: $299.95

The Platinum wireless headset takes gaming audio to a whole new dimension, delivering rich highly-positional virtual surround sound in all PlayStation 4 games. Gain a competitive edge, by pinpointing every move your enemy makes and become deeply immersed in multi-layered soundscapes, whether you’re engaged in multiplayer combat or engrossed in a single player adventure.



DualShock 4

Release Date: TBC
Price: $89.95

The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller defines the new generation of play, combining revolutionary features with an intuitive design and precise controls. The new model features a stylish matt finish, shows your light bar from above and allows you to communicate data with your PS4 via USB cable.


Vertical Stand

Release Date: September 16th
Price: $27.95

Save space around your TV and securely position your PlayStation 4 Pro or PlayStation 4 Slim in the upright position.