PlayStation 4 Pro Can Run Games In Two Different Rendering Modes

So we now know that the PS4 probably won’t run native 4K for most of the PS4 lineup, but first impressions from Engadget have led us to believe that it doesn’t really matter. The PS4 Pro’s real strength will be the ability to run games at somewhere between 1080p and 4K with high-dynamic range lighting.

In an interview with Engadget, Warnerbro’s SVP of Production said that here are two optimised rendering options available to PS4 Pro developers.

‘Resolution Mode’ will let developers lock games into a resolution beyond 1080p, whilst ‘Quality Mode’ will dynamically scale the resolution based on how the game is performing. Wyse also went on to say that gamers can expect resolutions that are up to 90 percent close to 4K in that mode.

It is said that games such as The Elder Scrolls Online are running in full 4K, but that’s also a game that doesn’t really appear to be pushing the visual boundaries.

It’s clear that the PlayStation 4 Pro might be worth it in the long run, but it’s going to take an investment in getting a 4K TV with HDR capability as well as developers to figure out exactly how to make use of that extra horsepower to better benefit the player.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch in Australia on November 10th for $559AUD.

Thanks, Engadget.