Sony Thinks That PS4 Pro’s Main Competition Is The PC

Sony have spoken about the main reasoning for creating a PS4 Pro and it stems from data that suggests that gamers appear to transition to PC gaming mid-way through console generations to the fact that PC graphics have generally evolved far beyond what a console can in a 5-7 year lifespan.

“I saw some data that really influenced me. It suggested that there’s a dip mid-console lifecycle where the players who want the very best graphical experience will start to migrate to PC, because that’s obviously where it’s to be had.” Sony Boss Andrew House said.

“We wanted to keep those people within our ecosystem by giving them the very best and very highest [performance quality]. So the net result of those thoughts was PlayStation 4 Pro – and, by and large, a graphical approach to game improvement.” House continued.

House also went on to say that he doesn’t see the Project Scorpio has a contender to the PS4 Pro and that Sony had no idea that Microsoft were creating such a console when the PS4 Pro was being conceived.

“We’re 40 million units into this lifecycle [and] our declared goal is to be a further 20 million units above that by the end of next year. At that point we’ve got a pretty good sense of where the momentum of the lifecycle is, but I think the Pro can be something new, innovative and possibly take us in a slightly different direction.” House stated.

PS4 Pro releases on November 10th in Australia for $559 AUD.