Jarryd Hayne Has Been Intensely Training For Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It appears that Jarryd Hayne has found yet another passion in life, after attending a special training session at the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Academy at the NSW Institute of Sport. Hayne was joined by eSports team Mindfreak as they pushed through a series of physical and mental challenges.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Academy was developed to enhance the skills of local esports professionals. Participants endured a series of intense trials:

  • The performance stressor test used a light board to measure the participants’ reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination, an exercise that was repeated after a physical drill, to demonstrate the effects of fatigue.
  • To combat the negative impact of stress, participants were placed in an extreme stress environment underwater, allowing NSWIS’s performance psychologist to teach them stress management strategies to quieten the mind and optimise performance.
  • In the Mindroom they were taught how to improve attentional skills by tracking multiple moving objects in a 3D field.


“It was unreal to witness the amount of preparation that is needed to go into space at the Spaceflight Academy and to see how my own sports training applies within the esports environment at NSWIS. The highlight was definitely hanging out with Australia’s best Call of Duty players and picking their brains on the game to improve mine. I’m ready and looking forward to the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4.” said Hayne.