The No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Actually Looks Half Decent

Overnight, Hello Games released the first trailer as well as a wealth of information about the first major update for No Man’s Sky titled ‘The Foundation Update’.

Many would say that these things should have been in the game from the get-go, but it’s good to see Hello Games sticking by their product in order to build on the base game.

The first major change to the game is that there will now be three different modes:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience.
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build the biggest base they can (more on this below).
  • Survival mode creates a much more challenging endurance experience.

The other major change comes in the form of base building which seems like it will really enhance the core experience.

Base bulding will allow you to build a homestead on a planet of your choice. They’re primarily used for shelter and storage but you’ll also be able to farm crops and hire NPCs from Space Stations to research new tech and products for you. You’ll be able to teleport back to your base at any time.

The third major update comes in the form of freighters. These are found cruising through space in which players will be able to buy the loyalty of the ship’s captain to take control of them. You’ll be able to teleport goods to your freighter from a planet and stockpile them to trading.

There are a ton of smaller updates which are sure to improve the overall No Man’s Sky experience. You can read about those HERE.

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