Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Is The Fastest Selling Game In The Series

Square Enix has revealed that the day one shipment and digital sales for Final Fantasy XV exceeded five million units on day one. This makes it the fastest-selling game in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise.

In our review, we applauded Final Fantasy XV for its ability to appeal to all gamers.

Ewan said: “Often in an attempt to appeal to everyone, you can appeal to no one. However, in the case of Final Fantasy XV, we have a rare exception. It sits comfortably somewhere between a traditional Final Fantasy experience and the Western action-RPGs currently setting new standards. A slightly muddled tone, narrative shortcomings, and a little too restrictive open-world are faults. These are largely forgivable due to the game’s robust combat system. The benefit of ten years of development is evident in the fine tuning of the combat mechanics. This is an apparent attempts to keep up with the current open-world action-RPG trend.”