The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian Performance Varies Greatly On PS4 To PS4 Pro

Something we noted in our The Last Guardian review overnight, is that the game definitely struggles on the original PS4. Whilst we reviewed the game primarily on PS4 Pro, we tested the game on the original PlayStation 4 just to see if there’d be any significant slowdown in frame rate and unfortunately, there was.

The amazing guys at Digital Foundry have crunched the numbers and confirmed that on the original PlayStation 4, the game often dips to 20 FPS which delivers the worst performance across PS4, PS4 Pro (1080p) and PS4 Pro (4K).

When running the game on PS4 Pro at 4K (which is what I played most of the game on), there will also be a similar slowdown as the increased resolution will eat up a lot of the extra processing power.

You’ll get the most stability in playing the game on PS4 Pro at 1080p as Studio Japan has opted to use the extra processing power to stabilise the frame rate rather than add additional graphic effects.

The Last Guardian is a masterpiece regardless of its technical faults.