Sony has today announced that they sold through 6.2 million PlayStation 4 units throughout the 2016 holiday season. The PS4 has now sold 53.4 million units worldwide, an impressive amount. In the same period last year, Sony sold 5.7 million PlayStation 4s.

Further to this, they also announced that they sold 50.4 PS4 games in the same period worldwide in retail stores and through the PlayStation Store.

More impressively, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has now sold 8.7 million copies globally as of December 21st, 2016.


  • Danny MacGurk

    I don’t believe a word that comes out those flat faced lying gooks mouths. Total bullshit

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    • BelAirBoss

      By your words, it is safe for me to assume that those “flat faced lying gooks” are smarter and more successful than you are. Your mother knows it, as do we all. Good luck with that.

    • Guest

      Wish I were a mod here, I’d ban your racist redneck ass…

    • Jihaad Boonzaier

      Yet you suck M$ “male hen” apparently. Why would they lie when at some point they will audited and if they are found to be lying they will loose a shit load of good will. Also why dont you explain why you dont believe them?

    • Vick Vinegar

      So they’re just lying to all their shareholders?

    • nismo370z

      RIP xbox one

  • Note5
  • Vick Vinegar

    Sourcing your articles would be nice

    • Shannon Grixti

      The article came directly from a press release that was Sony. Hence having no need for a source..