Marvel Vs Capcom 3 To Be Modified Before It Can Be Released In Australia

After weeks of speculation, Capcom Australia has today confirmed that Marvel VS Capcom 3 needs to have some minor adjustments made before it can be released in Australia under the current rating.

Capcom hopes to release the game in February in Australia under a rating that will make it suitable for gamers that are 15 and over to play.

It appears that when the game was rated on PS3/360, it got a PG rating but with the recent change in the Australian rating scale, it’s been rated at M which Capcom obviously aren’t happy with.

You can find Capcom’s statement below:

We understand that people are excited for Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming to PlayStation stores in the ANZ region. However there has been a slight delay in launching the game on PSN. Capcom have provided us with the following statement:

“Due to Marvel vs Capcom 3 receiving a higher age rating in the ANZ regions the team have to make some minor changes to the rating settings of the game in order for it to release and as such there is unfortunately a delay. We hope to be able to release the game for players of 15+ age in February and will have more news soon. We apologise for the delay in bringing the game to fans in this territory”

Marvel VS Capcom 3 was announced at PlayStation Experience to celebrate the upcoming release of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite for PS4.

Thanks, DYEGB.