PlayStation VR’s Future Is Incredibly Bright

It is well known that Sony is on track to ship 1 million PlayStation VR units by the end of this quarter, which is already better than that of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift combined.

For the first time since launch, Sony boss Kaz Hirai has spoken openly about the launch and future of PlayStation VR.

In an interview with DailyStar UK, Hirai said that “PlayStation is a business that’s known to iterate and evolved all of its product” and went on to say that “There’s probably room for improvement with the cables where it makes sense”.

Hirai said that although iterations will be made in future, he doesn’t see the cost of the unit going up with future iterations.

He also confirmed that it was never Sony’s intention to make a big splash in the beginning due to the fact that it requires consumers to try it before they buy it.

“This is not something you can make a sale based on articles you see in papers, magazines or on websites.” Hirai said.

Thanks, DailyStar.